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Homecoming 2009 basic information

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Read up on the basic details. To see pictures from last year’s festivities, use the password alumni here.

We’ve got to be able to outdo these jokers:

Who’s up for designing some shirts or hats or something for us to wear during our walk-on?

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  1. craigNo Gravatar says

    How about getting Coast Guard sweat shirts from the uniform shop (not the bookstore). Would that be cool or what?

  2. John PruittNo Gravatar says

    Ok, it would at least be UNIFORM, and hey most people would have one.

  3. Brian GlanderNo Gravatar says

    Alo, Everyone, HELLO!
    Megan "volunteered" myself, Laura, Joe Sundland and Mike & Beth Campbell for reunion events. Here is a basic plan so far.

    1. Tailgate: beer, water, soda, juice, sandwiches, chips (location: park down the hill from the church,: forgot the name.)

    2. Walk on "Flare": CGA '94 Umbrellas. for golf, rain or just fun. Some sort of walk on marching thing with present arms, opening umbrellas, etc.

    3. Evening "Dinner & Drinks" @ Thames RIver Yacht Club (most likley; still working on details). Same location as 10 year.

    Cost: (most likley, still crunching numbers: $50 per alumn + $25 for each additional person at evening event. No cost increase for additional numbers at family tailgate event. )

    Sound fair? start populating this website in the event section if interested so we can start getting preliminary numbers. Get the word out so we can jump on this ship or see if there are any better party boats!

    Talk to you later.

    Brian G

    • Brian GlanderNo Gravatar says

      How's it going? Can you also send the brief message I just posted to folks via the reunion e-mail list? Thanks. I also posted on the alumni association class group site.
      Talk to you later.
      Brian G

    • Alo KonsenNo Gravatar says

      I like the idea of custom umbrellas.

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