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Homecoming 2009 update

October 9th – 11th is coming up soon.

More details, this time from Brian Glander:

Alo, Everyone, HELLO!

Megan “volunteered” myself, Laura, Joe Sundland and Mike & Beth Campbell for reunion events. Here is a basic plan so far.

1. Tailgate: beer, water, soda, juice, sandwiches, chips (location: park down the hill from the church,: forgot the name.)

2. Walk on “Flare”: CGA ’94 Umbrellas. for golf, rain or just fun. Some sort of walk on marching thing with present arms, opening umbrellas, etc.

3. Evening “Dinner & Drinks” @ Thames RIver Yacht Club (most likley; still working on details). Same location as 10 year.

Cost: (most likley, still crunching numbers: $50 per alumn + $25 for each additional person at evening event. No cost increase for additional numbers at family tailgate event. )

Sound fair? start populating this website in the event section if interested so we can start getting preliminary numbers. Get the word out so we can jump on this ship or see if there are any better party boats!

Talk to you later.

Brian G

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9 Responses

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  1. Alo Konsen says

    Who wants to help design a logo for our gear?

    • Ryan Cook says

      Alo – we can post an ad on and we'll get a bunch of freelance artists to submit design ideas. We just need to come up with the correct ad. I use the site for my business and it works out great.

      • Alo Konsen says

        Great idea! I’ll chip in $50 towards the artist’s fee. Who else is with me?

  2. Russ says

    where do we post RSVPs?

  3. Mike Campbell says

    I have done some shopping around for our umbrella "flare" for walk on. Please check out the attached and let me know what you think:


    Alo – can you post and notify everyone via email to check out the attached link? We probably do not have time for a full "Vote" but would like feedback as to whether the layout is OK, or we should push to get an official CGA Seal/emblem screened on the umbrella as well. Would cost more, but is possible.

    • Laura Collins says

      Looks goos – thanks Mike! from Laura Collins

  4. DesaRae Janszen says

    Looks nice – simple, yet distinctive. :)

  5. Jay Main says

    Looks smart/sharp – says what it needs to :-)

  6. Conrad says

    … but shouldn't it say "94' SIR!" ?? Man, that knee-jerk reaction just won't go away! Just kidding, obviously. Looks good, Mike! I actually wouldn't mind seeing the Coast Guard seal/crest on the other side, instead of the 94', depending on the price. Thanks for the leg-work, Mike!