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Got an itch to write?

A post at the USNI blog about junior personnel writing on professional matters bothered me. I realize that those of you from ’94 who are still in uniform can’t claim to be “junior personnel” anymore, but with Flag/SES billets continuing to multiply, you might still be reluctant to write anything opinionated that runs afoul of official policy. Here’s my idea.

Screw official policy.

If you have a burning urge to write something from the heart that highlights wasted opportunities, counterproductive policies, corruption, or anything else that’s politically incorrect in our beloved Coast Guard, let me know. I’ll set you up with a pseudonymous account here on the Class of 1994 site and you can air what needs airing.

I’ll also see to it that your writing gets cross-posted on Facebook, Twitter, and as many milblogs as I can schmooze into it.

Of course, any civilian or reservist classmate is welcome to write under a pseudonym if desired. It just seemed more of an issue with active duty folks, for obvious reasons.

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