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The Powerpoint self-immolation of LT [Redacted], USN

Somewhere out there is a U.S. Navy Lieutenant whose pitifully overinflated self-image is about to be folded, spindled, and mutilated.  Over at CDR Salamander’s place you’ll find a redacted version of the shambling mutant refugee from Myspace self-aggrandizing powerpoint presentation that this genius sent to her new command prior to her arrival.  Rumor has it that the unredacted PPT of Career Death™ already went viral via e-mail.  It must be seen to be believed.  Try not to weep for our military; it’s already too late when the standards for O-3 have sunk this low.

Here are two of the sixteen slides.  No, these are not the worst.  Trust me.

Do yourself a favor when you drop by Sal’s blog to see the whole thing in all its crapulent glory: Do.  Not.  Miss.  The.  Comments.

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